Submit Your Book to Indie Book DB

It is free for authors to submit author-verified indie-published and self-published books to Indie Book DB. Submissions are not rejected on the basis of topic, title, genre, author, or any other label, but Indie Book DB does reserve the right to reject any submission found to be in violation of the law or that is not of a publishable quality.

Any book you submit should be properly edited, formatted, and proofread. Low-quality books will be rejected from Indie Book DB.

All submissions are reviewed within one week of receipt. You will receive an email once your submission has been reviewed.

What Does "Author-Verified" Mean?

Indie Book DB only lists books that are author-verified. In short, this means books submitted to Indie Book DB must be submitted by the author themselves; we do not list books without the express permission of the author.

Enter N/A if your book is not available on Amazon.
Enter N/A if no other buy URL is available. You MUST provide a link to your book cover if your book is NOT available on Amazon (enter URL to book cover below).
Required if no Amazon URL is provided. All book covers will be resized to 167px by 250px.
If your book's genre is not listed above, please suggest a new genre here. If it is not too niche a genre, it may be added to Indie Book DB. Rejection of a suggested genre does not impact your submission.