Hey there,

I've made the decision to put Indie Book DB on an indefinite hiatus. Its previous iteration wasn't something that benefited anyone and it fell short of my vision of a reader-friendly database of indie book titles.

The previous iteration of Indie Book DB took a lot of time and I lacked the coding knowledge required to streamline the process. The result was a hacked-together version that offered little benefit to readers and indie authors alike, and it wasn't a site or project I (or anyone) could be proud of.

I'm still very much interested in building Indie Book DB, but such plans will remain on hold until I possess the time and energy required and that such an endeavor deserves.

I appreciate everyone whose ideas and input went into Indie Book DB and all of the indie authors who believed in the idea! When the time comes for Indie Book DB 2.0, I hope you'll show the same amount of interest and support.

Thank you,

Daniel Mattia